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DC Life & Transportation 

Our nation’s capital is an exciting city that offers tremendous personal and professional opportunities for those looking to move here, and plenty of sight-seeing and nightlife for those just coming to play.  Below is some helpful information when moving and visiting the city. 

The District of Colombia is divided into 4 quadrants, NE, NW, SW, SE. The U.S. Capitol Building rests on the center where all the quadrants meet. When traveling around you must pay attention which quadrant your destination is in. Tourists often get lost when they don’t pay attention to this.

There are three airports in the D.C. metro area that you may fly into which are Ronald ReaganWashington National (DCA), Washington Dulles International (IAD) and Baltimore Washington International (BWI).

Ronald Reagan Washington National
This is the closet airport to the Capitol, which is located in Arlington, Virginia and is 5 miles from D.C.  This is the only airport that you have the option of taking the metro rail to your hotel.

Washington Dulles International
IAD is the next airport closest to the district; it is located in Chantilly, Virginia and is 26 miles from D.C.  You have the option of taking a taxi or super shuttle to your hotel.

Baltimore Washington International
BWI airport is in Lithicum, Maryland and is 33 miles from DC. You are able to take the super shuttle or a taxi from here as well as the Amtrak train into D.C. Union Station.

Metro Rail service
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is the local metro rail and the lines are divided up by colors. The lines are red, yellow, green, orange, blue and gray. 

During the week the hours of operation are from 5am to midnight and from 7am to 3am on the weekend. 
Bus Service
If you choose to take the metro bus while in town, one must have a pass, transfer or exact change when boarding the bus. Please be aware that the bus drivers do not carry money on them. The buses begin operating weekdays at 5 am and on weekends at 7 am. The bus closes at midnight on Sundays to Thursdays and at 3 am on Fridays.
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